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01-27-2000, 04:08 PM
Howdy all<p>Well I've had an interesting week... I just spent $266 buck to have a BMW dealer clean my fuel injectors, and put in new sparks because another BMW dealer put the wrong plugs in!!!<p>In the summer I took my 1986 325e (with only 65000km on it) to Brian Jessel BMW in Vancouver BC Canada for a Service 2..<p>They took my money and phone number and never called me to tell me the car was ready... when i went in the next day they were kinda short with me because i didn't pick it up the day before (eventhough they'd never told me when the car would be ready)... then when i went out to get in my car i saw greasy hand prints all over the trunk and the car was not locked...<p>oh well, i thought, i guess nothing is perfect... i didn;t drive the car much in the summer or fall.. then winter comes around and i notice it's starting really poorly when it's warm and it kinda lacks power... <p>I've got a free wheel alignment coming from the deal i got bought the car from so i drop it there and ask them to drop the car next door at a different BMW dealership when they're finished the alignment...<p>I get a call from the BMW tech telling me that who ever serviced the car last put the wrong spark plugs in... they put the sparks in for a 325i not a 325e and as a result the engine's all carboned up... he also noticed that the fuel pressure was set wrong... <p>so i've sent out messages to BMW Canada and Brian Jessel BMW to see if what will happen... i posted this problem on the BMW club page of BC and figured i'd post it here too to see who else has had problems with BJ BMW...<p><p>

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