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02-04-2000, 09:27 AM
i have an 1986 325e, 172,000miles, automatic. usually in the morning i get in my car, start it, put it in reverse and back out of the drive way.when i'm backed out i put my car in drive, go to press on the gas and the car does't move. the engine only revs. i then have to put my car in neutral and then back in drive and then the car moves fine. this only happens during the cold winter month's. my father(an ex-auto mech)beleives it happens because the trans. fluid is cold making the trans slip out of gear. is he right? my pop's a pretty smart guy and on hell of a mechanic. is this a common problem on automatics. i need to know wether this is a sign of future transmission problems so i know wheter or not to keep my bimmer. any advise would be appreciated. thanks. p.s. i thank whomever is responsible for inventing this board and other boards like this. it's been a great help for me and my car.

02-04-2000, 12:35 PM
that happened to me in my 95 nissan altima w/ 50K.. when it was 10 degrees out.. if it is really cold don't worry about it.. just give your car a little time to warm up before u go anywhere.. as long as it ****s fine normally i wouldn't worry.. and if you are replace your tranny fluid.. which is suppose to be done every 50k i think anyway

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