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02-06-2000, 02:00 PM
My last post was so everyone knows I'm looking for another engine. Here's the deal with my current engine (which is sitting in my trunk, in pieces). The new (less than 12k) head on the engine created added suction in the top end. The valves then kept the oil supply up around themselves, not allowing it to circulate through the bottom of the engine and lubricate the connecting rods and bearings. Those of you with experience in this field probably know where I'm headed with this. Yes, the "oil starvation" ended up tearing up a connecting rod bearing and rod. The damage done is fairly minimal but I need an engine I can depend on for many years on down the road. This will be the company test car for a BMW-related project I'm working on and I need a reliable, good performing car.<br>I guess I won't need this engine when I find a new one so I will sell it. What kind of price is this worth - a couple hundred bucks is what I'm thinking. While I'm at it, is anybody here interested?<p>Steve<br>'87 325iS

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