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Brian G from Dallas
02-07-2000, 11:01 PM
From my prior post of Friday on these Boards, I'm happy to say my problem with the John Roberts BMW dealership has been resolved...hopefully.<p>Here's the scoop:<p>Last week, after replacing the Shifter Arm Link Rod and the Shifter Knuckle, then telling me the center carrier bearing was completely worn out (which I had them replace), then charging me $ 500, John Roberts BMW said it didn't fix the problem !!<p>This was after they had me bring in my car last Tuesday, only to find out they had ordered the wrong link rod (my car is a mid-production version), then not getting the part sent overnight like they said (it was at FedEx in Memphis), so it was Friday before the part arrived.<p>Then, they said parts and labor (6.5 hrs @ $ 80/hr) on a new transmission was $ 3,300 and while you're at it, the new clutch is $ 318 thank you very much !!<p>That was late Friday. Today, I called the Service Manager and bitched and complained (nicely by indicating that I had spent over $ 30k in repairs with them for a car that I only paid $ 28k for !) to him that I paid $ 500 and my problem was not solved (second gear still does not engage). I asked if they would replace the transmission with a used one (from what I learned, BMW transmissions are NOT rebuilt) if I found one. They said they do it when insurance adjusters ask them to and okayed it with the insured.<p>After a couple of hours, another Service Manager called me back. Here's what they would do. They found an 87 325is (it has to be this year, can't be 85 or 86 due to valve problems) at a salvage yard. In fact, the guy had three. The BMW guy said call First Choice, buy it direct from them (because if it goes through John Roberts, there's a markup) and they will deliver it to John Roberts.<p>I called First Choice. Yes, they actually had three in stock at the salvage yard. I was being offered the one with 101k miles for $ 550. If it appears to be filled with brown sludge, they will look at the next one with 123k miles, and then the last one with 143k miles. I get a 90 day warranty on the parts. An extra $ 200 could have gotten me a year warranty, but I said screw it. I'll know whther or not it works properly during the first week !<p>John Roberts said they will install the transmission for FREE !! That's right....FREE ! I can't argue with that ! Of course, they're already up 4 hours of labor on me for the $ 500 charge from Friday. Plus, he recommended I replace the clutch while they're at it. He said he wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't recommend it. The new clutch is $ 318, so I said fine. And no labor charge for this either (two bolts and they're done, right ?). So, the transmission will be delivered Tuesday and I'm taking my car in on Wednesday. Should be fixed in one day....hopefully!!<p>So, I feel like they did me right. They found the transmission from a reputable source whom I gather they use quite often. The salvage guy yard sounded like he had a reputation to uphold and wouldn't rip me off.<p>Whelp, there goes my new car fever !! I still want to keep my car, even if I got a new one. It is just in such great shape !! Still looks brand new on the outside !! Everyone at the dealership commented on how great it looked !<p>So, how do you suppose a clutch can outlast a transmission ?? Well, that's what happened in my case. 225,000 miles, I couldn't have asked for more from the car, could I ?<p>Do you feel like I'm getting a pretty good bargain here ?<p>My next step would have been to call John Roberts himself if they would not have worked out this problem, but I'm happy that I didn't have to.<p>I love reading the Boards and all the related sites I have found. I'm hooked ! Thanks for everyone's input. I really think I need to join the BMWCCA organization. You never know if that $ 1,000 discount will still be around when I purchase my new car. Plus, I saw in the parts department where you needed to present your BMWCCA card for your discount before they ring up your invoice. Ya' know, that's the first time I've ever seen that sign hanging on the wall. For the $ 35 annual membership fee, I'm sure I'd save that easily in the amount of parts that I buy from them.<p>Thanks for listening everybody ! Enoy your beamers !!<p>Brian G

Brian G from Dallas
02-07-2000, 11:34 PM
regarding my 2/5/00 14:16 post and the tranny problems I've been experiencing. I've always used John Roberts BMW as that is where I purchased my car. But I definitely think they're service is on the decline based on my previous visits. I hope they resolve my tranny issue discussed above to my satisfaction.<p>Thanks again.<p>Brian G

02-08-2000, 04:38 PM
My office is practically walking distance from JR and I pass it on my way. I vowed to never spend another dime there about 2 years ago after I took a friend in to look at cars (he purchased a 750 from Autobahn) and a parts dept experience. The more they grow the worse their customer service gets. Will they miss my business??? Probably not!!! But a lot of my friends in Dallas are buying and servicing at Autobahn based on my reference!!!

Brian G from Dallas
02-09-2000, 01:17 AM
Check out a response from Fred Meloan's Service team from the Washington, DC Heishman BMW dealership.

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