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01-20-1999, 02:49 PM
I'm planning on buying a 323 with premium package,16 wheels,montana leather, CD, and sunroof.<br>I like to know the price difference if I get a stock 328?<br>Would it have the same options stock?

01-20-1999, 03:05 PM
Stock 328i has no leather standard, no moonroof, no CD. <p>The price of a 328i base is $33970. <p>If you add those options to a base 328i, the price of the 328i base with your options will be $36670. <p>The price of your 323i premium listed is $32510. You do need to get foglights (not standard on the 323i premium and standard on 328i) and add $260 to it, making the price of the 323i $32770. <p>323i Premium with your options: $32770<br>328i Base with no options at all: $33970<br>328i Base with your options: $36670<p>I would go with a 323i premium and save $4000. The base 328i has worse looking alloys than 323i premium (just an opinion, no flames please). Although you do give up some HP, smaller brakes, lighted vanity mirrors, map lights, non-chrome grill, and a few other things missing. Still, the 323i seems to be a bargain at $32K. If you are getting a 328i with all those options you mentioned, just get the premium package which gives you wood for only $400 more and gives you auto-dim rear view mirror and memory seats with lumbar suppport.<p>Alex

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