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01-23-1999, 03:55 PM
I am thinking of buying a 328i and I live in California. I have noticed that BMW does not metion anything about a California Emissons package. I have heard that all BMW's are "50 states" compliant (meet all emissions requirements in all 50 states). Is this true?<p>The reason I ask is that I may get my car out of CA and drive it back here. I want to make sure that the car will pass CA smog inspections here. Any thoughts?

Bimmer Dude
01-24-1999, 12:29 AM
Most manufacturers now make them all the same instead of a CA version and other versions. <p>HOWEVER! CA will still nail you with a $300 fee for bringing the car in from another state REGARDLESS of whether it passes the smog check or not. I don't know when they started this, but they decided to just charge everyone $300 instead of making everyone change their cars (if necessary) to pass the inspection.<p>Don't worry though. I am sure they will put your $300 to good use ;)<p>BD<br>

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