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01-23-1999, 05:50 PM
I'm considering buying a '99 323i and am wondering about the handleing on the days we do have snow. I have a 4-wheel drive vehicle for skiing and such, and would love to get the 323i over the A4 for multiple reasons, but need to here some experiences from some people on here about daily commuting on those days where the weather is not so nice.<p>All opinions are welcome!<p>Thanks

01-23-1999, 11:30 PM
i went to college there (does that count? nah probably not :)<p>i live in texas now and 2 years ago we had an ice storm that put down a 1/4" of ice...i was in my Z3 1.9 with ASC and stock Michelin tires...i went slow but made it to work...i was told that most of the 4x4s the hospital sent out to pick up people ended up in the ditch and couldn't get out<p>get some cheap rims and a set of blizzaks and you will be ok<p>also check the archives for people's stories on snow in the E46<p>Bruce<br>98 M roadster<br>

01-24-1999, 04:25 AM
<br>I have a driveway from hell. Very steep w/ curves. New sealcoat by a professional (ha !) has a special " turn into grease when wet " property. Needed 4Wheel in my MPV to get up in rain, other cars ( friends and family) could not get up. The 323i gets up with little if any tire slippage. Limited slip rear end ? with active braking on any slipping wheel.<p>I was very pleased in NY<p>Jimg

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