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David Hyman
01-26-1999, 12:45 PM
Can anyone post a list of the entirety of things which the dealer has programmed into the Car and Key System?

Seamus Hartmann
01-26-1999, 01:27 PM
<i>: Can anyone post a list of the entirety of things which the dealer has programmed into the Car and Key System?<p></i><p>Sure.<p>This only applies to the E46...The 5 and 7 series have the same things, with some extras, of course...<p>CAR Programming can be programmed ONLY by the BMW center. This includes;<p>1)Daytime Running lights- Lights are on when the key is turned in the ignition past location 2. These lights are dimmer than full regular lights, and are actually a low voltage feed to the brights...this also turns on the side marker lights as well.<p>2) The "Follow-me Home" setting- lets you turn on your headlights and interior lights by pressing on the light stalk as you exit the car, like you are flashing your brights on. This keeps the lights on for about 40 seconds (if you're really bored, time it!! GRIN) after you've shut down the ignition (yes, they DO go out..). Also called "Pathway Lighting" by some dealers, as that's the real reason it's installed, to light your path as you walk to your job/house/apartment/girlfriend's place.....<p>3) Alarm system notification- ONLY AVAILABLE with your BMW Alarm (or with the proper aftermarket relays...). Notifies you that the alarm is armed by giving a chirp and flashing the lights OR by flashing the lights only. Be a good neighbor. Go with flash lights only, eh?<p>Key Memory is programmed by each individual that has their keys in the ignition. That's right. They have to have the car turned on past position 2 or 3 on the ignition (if you can turn on the radio, you can program the key.). Key memory is also based on what is installed in the car in some cases.....<p>1) Seat Memory- ONLY works with cars that have POWER seats.... turn the key, adjust the seat the way you want it, press the red m button on the power seat (it should blink or turn red, depending on your car), and then press either one, two or three on the button set. That setting is now memorized by both the car AND the key. When you open the car with the remote on the key, the seat will auto-adjust to the MEMORIZED setting.... If you find a better way to sit, you have to go through the "press the button" trick again...<p>2) Unlocking doors-Programmed by the BMW Center, it makes the doors all unlock with one press of the button, or only the drivers side unlock, with the second unlock opening all doors. Unlocking any door also unlocks the trunk, by the way.<p>3) Locking Doors- can be individually programmed, ask your BMW center to change it. When the car is in motion, the door locks will lock automatically if it is above 2.5 mph. That's right. 2.5 mph...<p>4) Climate Control- when you change the climate controls while driving, the key remembers this and returns to your personal preferences when you return to the car. This changes on the fly while driving....<p>That's it. 7 things total. Plus the rolling security codes that are updated every 10 seconds by the car to the chip in the key. Cool, huh?<p>By the way, this innovation is one of the few that started with the 3 series and trickeled up to the 5 and 7 series....<p>Seamus

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