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Courtney Cline
01-28-1999, 10:42 PM
Can anyone please provide information on the availability of shop manuals. I posted this message before, but havent gotten any response. <p>If shop manuals are not available, what do the dealer's mechanics use?<p>If the shops only have microfish or ED ROM, then there must be a way to get this info printed on paper.<p>Please respond if you have anything to offer.<br>I will be severely disappointed if BMW doesnt believe its customers have a right to factory repair info...

01-28-1999, 10:54 PM
there is no good manual for the E36, much less the E46<p>Bruce

01-29-1999, 12:58 AM
I replied before and again now. <br>None are available..period.

01-29-1999, 01:06 AM
disapointed. Let us YELL at BMW till we get them!

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