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01-31-1999, 02:24 AM
A black BMW X5!!! Diguised of course !<p>I was in Hermosa Beach, California around 3:15 pm, with my cousin, who was picking up his new 323i sport silver/gray (exact same car as mine!!!), when I noticed a fully disguised black X5 that went right by me. I caught up to it and tried to get as many looks and peaks inside, but the bastard X5 driver was going way too fast !!!<p>I managed to get a good look all around by catching up to it, and I can tell you that the size is quite a bit bigger than the ML320 and it is sized more like a Jeep Grand Cherokee instead. Great looking SUV, even disguised.<p>I could not believe it. I always keep hearing you guys sighting disguised E46 M3's as well as other spy cars here and there, but this time, I saw the real thing myself. Nice SUV BMW !( oops, BMW wants us to call it SAV).<p>Seeing a spy car like this was so damn exciting, I almost rear-ended a car with my 323i trying to catch all the angles on it !!! Yuyks, that would not be cool, wrecking my Bimmer tring to be a rubberneck !!!<p>Alex H. Bidarian

01-31-1999, 11:21 AM

01-31-1999, 05:21 PM
<br>I always carry a disposable camera in my car. In case of an accident, you can quickly document the scene of the accident, in case you have to move the cars for safety reasons before the cops come, or if the cops screw up.<br>

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