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09-27-1999, 01:09 PM
My OBC seems to have stopped getting mileage input, as the MPG, Range, and average MPH functions don't work anymore. Any Idea where I might start looking for the problem? Speedo and Odo work O.K.

10-13-1999, 09:38 AM
It sounds sort of like something which happened to my car, in my case it was the Diff.!, In the end I had to replace the entire Diff!. Alot of those readings come from the diff & if theres a problem there it's probally only a connection of some sort. If you hear a whizzing noise in some gears ( espically the top ones) your diff. is probally gone!. -But don't quote me on that! -.<br>Hope thats of some help!.<br>Paddy.

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