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09-29-1999, 06:55 PM
I am just about to replace my water pump and hose set. While I don't anticipate a struggle, does anyone have any helpful tips or things I should watch out for? Maybe special tools?<p>Also, how critical/beneficial is it that I get a low temp thermostat?<p>thx

10-01-1999, 11:30 AM
It's a pretty easy job. I'm not sure how nessasary it is but I used a light layer of gasket sealer stuff on both the water pump and the engine to be safe. And I used the stock thermostat, figured BMW used that temp, why should I change it. <br>One huge tip for removing the fan: if you don't have a 32mm wrench, or you don't want to grind one down to fit, go to a bike shop and get a Park (or any othre brand) wrench. They are used for bottom bracket and head sets, I got one for $18 and it worked perfect, plus it's very thin. I had to get it positioned just right then I hit it with a rubber mallet, lightly, but hard enough to lossen it. Oh, and it's reverse threads, so backwards think it doing while. Heh heh<br>Hope this helps<br>Anthony

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