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Fred Meloan
10-04-1999, 09:50 AM
Most of you who have participated in the various message boards know that I have been a contributor to the message boards even before I purchased my ’97 Z3 in October, 96 and a ’97 540 in March, 97. <p>More recently I retired in January, 99 after 30 years in the commercial construction industry in the Washington, DC area. Almost every day during my retirement I have given a lot of thought to what it is that I would like to do now. Since this is the time in my life to do exactly what I want to do (and not much else) I have finally made a decision that affects all of you.<p>During the past few years and even more so now that I am retired I have come to realize that two of my primary interests are BMW’s and the Internet. Accordingly, I have made the decision to combine these two interests in what I consider to be the perfect retirement opportunity. This past week I accepted a position with Heishman BMW in Arlington, Virginia as their “Internet Manager.” In this job I will manage all of their Internet activities beginning with the updating of the Heishman BMW website and continuing throughout the entire business so that in the near future everyone in the organization will be fully integrated into the world of Internet communication. At this beginning our goals are not totally defined but suffice it to say that I am looking forward to the challenge of being in a position to help “make a difference” for every Heishman BMW customer.<p>I am sure that most of you are recall that I have previously recommended Heishman BMW on the message boards whenever I felt it appropriate. I did that because I happen to believe that Heishman BMW is one of the best, if not the best, BMW dealer in the Washington, DC area. I also believe that every one of you who has purchased your BMW from Heishman because of my recommendation now concur with my view.<p>In my new role I hope to be able to contribute even more information to the message boards for everyone’s benefit. While I do not intend to provide anyone with confidential information I will endeavor to provide you with the same straight answers I have provided in the past. And, yes, if you are interested in purchasing a new BMW from Heishman BMW, I will be delighted to assist you in the easiest purchase of a new BMW that you have ever experienced.<p>I welcome your comments or questions.<p>Fred Meloan<br>Internet Manager<br><br>

Space Wanderer
10-31-1999, 12:57 PM
<i>: I live in the D.C. area and have two questions for you regarding your dealership. The first question is, is Heishmans affiliated with BMW of Fairfax in any way? <p>On another note, I do like your dealership, but I did have a problem with them on one occasion. In March I brought my E30 M3 in after it had been backfiring and smoking severly, and belching fire from the tailpipe. It barely ran. They couldn't fix it, as they were unable to diagnose the problem. Horst kept saying it was very serious and the mechanic was certain someone had once pulled the engine and tampered with it. I told him this was not so. I have all the service records from the previous owner and regularly use the mechanic who has been working on the vehicle for the past 11 years. He was unconvinced. (Keep in mind, I dealt with Horst before with another BMW and I have found him to be a very good help. He also has a cool name and accent.)<p>I then took it to my regular mechanic in southern VA (A long haul for an emergency repair.) and he fixed it in an afternoon, stating the problem stemmed from a loose wire near the exhaust manifold. <p>My second question for you is, does Heishmans receive many E30 M3s for service? Although I don't question your mechanics' abilities, it seems they were quite unfamiliar with the car. Feel free to email me. <p>Thanks.<p>

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