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Mr. Vanos
10-15-1999, 12:12 PM
I'm conducting a review for a report of how many out there purchase (or don't) parts for their cars online. Please answer the following, or provide your own input on this subject:<br>("parts" here may refer to replacement stock parts, but moreso aftermarket performance parts)<p>1. Do you purchase parts for your vehicle online (replacement or aftermarket)?<p>2. If not, why?<p>3. Are you comfortable providing your credit card information online given it's a secured site?<p>4. When you do purchase a performance part online, are you comfortable with your decision at<br> the time of purchase? That is, how do you come to that decision (i.e. ask around, impulse, etc.)?<p>5. What improvements would you make in this market to make you a more frequent shopper of<br> online performance parts? That is, instead of going to a shop or calling in, what components<br> and/or necessities would you require to shop online for your car more often?<p>6. What DO you like about current online parts shops?<p>7. What DON'T you like about current online parts shops?<p>Any other input would be much appreciated. Feel free to e-mail me privately if you wish. Happy motoring!<p>Regards,<br>Mr. V

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