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10-19-1999, 01:27 PM
I discovered that my foglight lens on the right side was cracked after washing my car. Well..I called the dealer (i know, i know) and asked what the cost was to replace it. They wanted $50 for just the "lens". I looked and I thought the foglight was one piece - where the blub plugs into. Guess I'll have to look again. Anyway, $50 seems like alot, so I wanted to know if any of you guys had ordered parts online from somewhere that had such things. Thanks.

10-19-1999, 05:27 PM
at 1-800-800-NICK. I'm not sure but I don't think the lenses are available separately. You'll have to buy the whole unit, but at 50 bucks or so, it ain't too bad. Don't forget to buy bulbs too, the new foglight assembly won't come with them. BTW, changing out just a lens or bulb is easy, but replacing the whole unit is just about impossible without removing the front bumper cover! Thanks BMW!

10-21-1999, 10:43 AM
Sorry, that's Joe Chavez!

Randy Walters
10-21-1999, 07:26 PM
<i>: Sorry, that's Joe Chavez!<p></i> Joe Chavez for sure ! He gives BMW CCA<br>members around 25% off and will ship anywhere<br>in the country. His prices are lower than <br>BMP and BavAuto and others all the time. I've<br>bought a ton of stuff from Nick in the past 4 months cause they has the best deal around.<br>The icing on the cake is that i work 5 miles<br>from them so i can pick up my parts (and<br>Gustave's killer M3 goodies) after work :-) <p> Nick Alexander BMW is a pretty cool place to<br>let Joe do his thing for us club members. Not<br>a lot of dealers would allow these low prices<br>and Nick supports the club better than most. <br>Now i don't even bother calling anyone else,<br>i just call Joe cause i know i'll get the best<br>price and some pretty good service too :-)<p> Randy

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