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10-20-1999, 11:18 AM
I have some more details on the Z3 drive that is happening this Sunday 10/24. You are all more than welcome to come along. I am going with my ladyfriend in her E46, and I invited all of the Z3 Coupe, E36 M3, E46, and E39 Message Boards from and the 318ti e-mail list. Hopefully we will get a good turnout. The last time I got together like this (aside from Z3 Homecoming this year) was the ti Rally at Leif Anderberg's House, and that kicked ***.<p>A guy named JohnV from the Z3 Message Board is running the drive (not me). Here is his message:<p><snip><p>- Date: Sunday 10/24<br>- Meeting Time: 8:30 am<br>- Meeting Place: Shell station at the intersection of the 210 and the 2. If you go to and search for "4530 Angeles Crest National Highway in La Canada, CA 91011" you can get a map.<br>- Route: Up Angeles Crest all the way till the end, head back 3/4 of the way and stop for lunch, take a branch off road and head towards Palmdale. Go through Palmdale towards Elizabeth Lake and take Bouquet Canyon into <br>- Saugus/Valencia. The End.<br>- Route Distance: Unknown - never measured<br>- Route Description: Gorgeous Essess with great scenery and high cliffs. <br>- Curves range from 40 mph to 80+ mph.<p>We will wait until 9 am before leaving for the <br>drive.<p>Please respond to this email to confirm if you will be going. Please include your cell phone number if you have one and the description of your car. Mine is '99 Montreal Blue Z3 2.3.<p>Talk to you all later.<p>JohnV </snip><p>JohnV's email is BTW, this drive is not for charity and there will not be any complimentary Z3's to test drive like "Drive for a Cure" (a guy from the E39 Board asked that already).<p>Jon Maddux<br>

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