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10-29-1999, 02:16 PM
if you drive your e30 m3 hard consider this. it is possible to replace the e30 m3 differential cover for that of the m coupe's. it is a direct fit and looks really good. cooling down there will be vastly improved too. here are the parts you'll need:<br> <br>FACTORY BOLTS-<br> 07-11-9-914-114 10 mm x 25 mm<br> 07-11-9-921-541 10 mm x 75 mm<br> 07-11-9-921-522 10 mm x 85 mm<br>DIFFERENTIAL PART NUMBERS-<br> 33-11-2-228-335 this is the cover itself<br> 07-11-9-963-355 these are the crush washers you will need 2<br> 33-11-1-210-405 this is the gasket<br> 33-11-1-212-682 this is the drain and the plugs, you will need 2<br> 33-11-1-206-166 this is the neccessary o-ring<p>This is a sweet add-on and is well worth it. It was relatively inexpensive and can be done in afternoon. I did it about 5 months ago and have had no problems. The only side affect was some added noise, but hey, it adds to the experience.

10-29-1999, 04:58 PM
Since Mroadsters have a beefed up E30 rear suspension, there might be other stuff from these cars to look into...<p>* supposedly the suspension sub frame and trailing arms are beffier<p>* the brakes are if you do something up front...<p>* what about railing arm bushes and the subframe bushes?<p>Stan

Randy Walters
10-30-1999, 01:18 AM
Gustave Stroes installed an M Coupe diff cover<br>on his 88 M3 some months back and it's a great<br>bolt-on. The cover was shipped to me so i had <br>time to examine it and it's a trick item. It<br>has a baffle for the vent tube and comes with a<br>more solid diff mounting bushing already pressed<br>in. Joe Chavez at Nick Alexander BMW can sell it to CCA members for around $150 or so. <br>Nice upgrade !!<p> Randy

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