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Andy 02
11-01-1999, 03:49 PM
I'm thinking of going E30 again, had a question. The only thing I could ding my '91 318is for was the power steering was just a little too helpful, okay around town, but overpowered on fast long twisties lessening steering confidance. Sometimes almost 'loose' feeling.<p>Obviously, the E30 M3 has to be better than the 318is given its legendary track status -- Both our '95 318ti Sport (e36 speed sensitive) and 72' 2002 tii (power? what's that!?) steering setups' give good input and feel.<p>Does the E30 M3 use a similar setup to the '91 318is?

Scott Seel
11-30-1999, 11:21 PM
this could just be my car, but my 88 M3 Saloon is not loose, but at low speeds you can barely turn the steering I said it could just be my car but there ya go

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