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M3 Supercharged
11-09-1999, 09:12 PM
Anybody thats interested in a discount group price on the heaviest most solid pedals out there, let me know. These are Hamann Pedals, and if youre unfamiliar, they are the heaviest out there. Racing Dynamics and AC Schnitzers dont even compare at twice the price. These Pedals, 3 main + the dead pedal sell everywhere for $295, I can get us the pedals for $225 on a group purchase + nominal shipping charges depending on where you live. Ive looked at all of the pedals out there and find these to be the nicest.<p>If you need to see a pic of them installed, Ill email it to you. Also ask about the Aluminum Dash kit for 125 if you buy at the same time, and 145 if you buy separately. Tell your friends so we can meet the minimum buy.

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