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adam p
02-01-2002, 06:41 PM

02-01-2002, 11:58 PM
...for the plug wires. I got the rest but only tonight. I'll install it all tomorrow then change the wires when I get them.<p>Speaking of those parts, I ordered the considerably cheaper Volvo cap (Bosch# 1 235 522 382). Aside from the outer cover which has the volvo firing order embossed on it and the shorter screws, it is TOTALLY IDENTICAL to the older style M3 cap. These are all Bosch parts.<p>This rotor matches up with the earlier-style M3 rotor (Bosch# 1 234 332 391) The only difference between the early and late rotor/cap sets, that I am aware of, is that the earlier style has the spring for the coil wire contact in the cap and the later style has the spring in the rotor. Apparently almost everyone uses the earlier style because it is a bit cheaper and nobody can say why the later style might be better. (Old/new cap list: $142/$186; Old/new rotor list: $23/$92 ... $278 for a cap and rotor???? !!!!) The Volvo cap lists for $46. I paid $30. The same place had the cheaper of the BMW caps for $70. I got the BMW rotor for $19.<p>Here is a side-by-side picture of the two caps. The old one has a bunch of carbon dust inside.<p><a href="">Click for pic</a> (638KB)<p>BTW, the same place ( has the X5DC plugs for $2.93 each. They seem to have the best prices on all Bosch stuff.<p>-Jon<p><i><br> <p></i><br>

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