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Al Roethlisberger
04-28-1999, 02:16 PM
Just curious, is there a function to sort the messages on this board 'by date' as an alternative to 'by thread' as well?<p>In most cases, the 'by thread' method is preferable, but on occasion it is convenient to see if any new posts have been added to older threads further down the list.<p>In the case of this board, since it is relatively new it is fairly easy to simply scroll down and look for new posts to a thread. <p>But once the board gets established and grows, well.... <p>We are adding at least 5 or so posts a day, so at this rate the board will grow quite quickly.<p>Just a thought/suggestion/question... I may simply be missing it too =)<p>al<br>

04-28-1999, 05:07 PM

Al Roethlisberger
04-28-1999, 05:08 PM
<i>: Just curious, is there a function to sort the messages on this board 'by date' as an alternative to 'by thread' as well?<p><br>I received the following helpful explanation from Alan if anyone else was interested in this topic as well.<p>Thanks Alan.<p>al<p>*****<p>From Alan:<p><snip><p>I understand what you are asking, but there is no way to sort by thread [I think he meant 'by date' here, which was my question. The board is already sorted 'by thread', al].<p>Actually as the board gets older and gets busier, there will only be<br>some X number of days of posts retained on the main page. For example,<br>the Z3 board is so busy that it only has 4 days of postings on it<br>at any one time. All postings older than that must be read in the<br>archives.<p>However, this is not such a bad thing--as the 8-series board becomes<br>more busy, the archives will start to fill up, and I will put a search<br>engine on the archives like there is on the other boards. Then, if<br>you are interested in something, you can do a search on it and it<br>will pop up.<p>In general, the front page of the board should never get so long that you<br>will not be able to scroll down and see what is new. Within thread,<br>the newest messages at any level appear before older messages at<br>that level, and I usually just rely on the fact that my browser changes<br>the color of clicked messages to purple rather than the blue color of<br>new messages--so I just scan for blue messages to see what is new.<p>Best,<p>Alan<br>

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