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Fred Meloan
07-26-1999, 12:27 PM
Events of this past week-end serve to remind us once again that there is nothing in this life that's certain save for death and taxes. Remember the feeling of loss you had when you saw the blank screen on the Z3 Message Board?<p>Since I know that Alan would say "no" if I asked him if it was o.k. to put this message on the board I have chosen not to ask. As they say, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.<p>Ladies and Gentlemen of the message boards, I think the time has come for all of us to demonstrate our appreciation of Alan's efforts by putting our money where our mouth is. While there are literally thousands of us who have benefited monetarily by virtue of the existence of the message boards there has been only one person (literally) who has expended their time, talent, and dollars for the benefit of ALL THE REST OF US. You all know who he is.<p>The best way that Alan can keep the message boards ahead of the bad guys is to have the most technologically advanced systems possible. Alan's got the talent but I don't think that he needs to spend $10,000 plus (just my personal guess) for sufficient computer power and programming time, etc. to do the job that needs to be done.<p>Everybody on this board has probably spent $35 this past year for their BMW CCA dues and most of you have probably spent another $25 for the Z3 Register. How do their benefits compare to the benefits you received daily from the message boards? My guess is that while you enjoy the Roundel and the Z3 Register (as examples) the direct benefits to your pocketbook from the message boards is far in excess of these amounts.<p>Here's my request to you:<p>Why not make a small donation to Alan so that he has the funds to make these message boards the best ones in the world for BMW enthusiasts. If each of us sent Alan a check for $25 I don't think we would miss this amount and collectively it would probably do the job that needs to be done.<p>Since I am not about to give out Alan's home address I will volunteer to collect the checks and send them to Alan. If you are o.k. with this approach send the checks to me and I will forward them to Alan. If you are not o.k. with this approach you can e-mail Alan and he can decide if he wants to send you his home address. Either way, make the check out to Alan Riley. (Most of you know that I am retired and therefore have the time to do this sort of thing.)<p>I think it would be nice to acknowledge the total amount donated for the benefit of all concerned and just as important for you to know that your dollars got to Alan. To do this I would propose to acknowledge the names and amounts of all donors on the message boards at some time before Homecoming 1999. If you don't want your name on the list of donors please just give me a code name, number etc, and I will acknowledge your donation using your "code".<p>If you have any thoughts or questions now is the time to put them on the message boards.<p>Fred Meloan<br>9905 Avenel Farm Drive<br>Potomac, Maryland 20854-5415 <br><br> <br>

07-26-1999, 03:24 PM
Dear everyone--I made some followup posts to Fred's post over on the Z3 message board. I'd appreciate it if everyone could read my ramblings and thoughts there before doing anything. Thanks!<p><ul><li><a href="">post 1</a><br><li><a href="">post 2</a><br><li><a href="">post 3</a><br></ul><p><br>--Alan

07-26-1999, 04:38 PM
I've done some thinking, and I won't accept donations for this site. I sincerely appreciate everyone's motivation in wanting to help, and Fred's motivation in posting, but I won't accept any money. If someone wants to buy a Shiner for me sometime or pat me on the back that is one thing, but donations are another, and I just can't accept them.<p>If I wanted to, I could spend the time to make this site earn more money. I could get additional advertisers and even find some products to sell. I may do that some day. But, so far, I haven't wanted to spend the time to do so. That is my choice--I am choosing for the site to make less income than it could, and therefore I cannot in good conscience accept donations from any of you.<p>I have also had the opportunity to acquire partners in running this site who would be willing to share the cost. But, with that gain would come the loss of autonomy, which I value. Again, that is something that has been by my own choice, and I do not want to ask a single person out there to pay a penny because of choices I am making.<p>I only ask one thing--if you see a flame post, ignore it. That's all I need to keep me happy. :-)<p><br>--Alan

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