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02-01-2000, 07:10 PM
I've been having to top up my coolant every 4-5 weeks and i have no visable external leaks.I'm getting very worried because i've been told it could be a crack in the cylinder head.I've had the head chemically checked but it seemed to be o.k.....There vehicle in question is my pride and joy but <br>because it's an ALPINA B11 3.5 i'm dreading a cardiac arrest if the head needs replacing!! has anybody out there experianced similar symptoms and if so do i need to sell my wife and kids to repair it ?

Steve Jones
02-01-2000, 07:15 PM
have you checked the reservior? I was losing coolant and could not find the leak, but once I let the car sit for 10 minutes or so after a 1 hr drive (home from work), the pressure built back up in the system, and a hairline fracture was seen where the reservior line connected to the rubber hose. Replaced the reservior, no more coolant leak.<p>until<p>a small leak was noticed right at the radiator, again, the rubber hose had deteriorated, and a plastic 'v' had to be replaced - the part from BMW was like $30, but my mechanic went to Home Depot & bought a plastic 'T' fitting that did the same job for less than $1.<p>Go figure.<p>Don't give up on your car! an Alpina? 7 series? You have any pictures?<p>Steve - and Stella<br>1990 750iL, 155K<br>

02-02-2000, 03:19 PM
Have you replaced the waterpump/thermostat? My wife's e-34 was losing coolant 7 overheating with no apparent leaks. Replacing pump & thermostat cured it.

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