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02-10-2000, 12:58 PM
Does anyone on here run aftermarket wheels and tires? I'm running 17 inch 3piece Fiske's with 255/40/17's.<p>My problem is that the car doesn't want to go straight. It skates/drifts all over the road even when the road isn't bumpy. The steering wheel pulls in all directions, but the car is properly aligned and no mechanic can identify the problem.<p>The car has been modified with a Dinan suspension which lowers it about 3/4", uses adjustable front shocks, keeps the rear self-leveling system intact and has some negative camber in the front (e.g., inside tire wear). <p>I just sent the wheels out to have them all trued, but I doubt this will change anything. I've run out of ideas. Any help is much appreciated.

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