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02-12-2000, 08:33 AM
I am in the process of buying a 1993 740 and was told<br>that this particular car had a new engine block <br>because of a recall. I cannot find any information<br>about the recall in the National Transportation <br>Safety Admin site. Has anyone heard of this recall?<p>Thanks,<p>Brian

John Purgerson
02-18-2000, 03:01 AM
<i>: I am in the process of buying a 1993 740 and was told<br>: that this particular car had a new engine block <br>: because of a recall. I cannot find any information<br>: about the recall in the National Transportation <br>: Safety Admin site. Has anyone heard of this recall?<p>: Thanks,<p>: Brian<p></i>Please see the attached article published last year regarding the potential engine issues with the 1993 740i. I have a 740i and have not had a problem, yet!<p>BMW 7 Series Digest<br>Volume 21 Issue 69 Article 8<br>How much to discount a 1993-95 740i without replacement short block?<p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<p><br>Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 12:36:00 -0700<br>From:<br>Subject: How much to discount a 1993-95 740i without replacement short block?<p>Posted for : "William Scanlan" <p><br>Dear Digesters,<p>How much would one discount the selling price for a 1993-1995 740i (or 540<br>for that matter) that has not yet had the short block replaced and is past<br>its warranty? As I understand BMW's policy, if the 4.0 liter engines with<br>Nikasil fail the leakdown test within 6 years (from date of original sale?)<br>or within 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, then BMW will replace the<br>short block free of charge.<p>But what happens this year when owners of the 1993 models reach that six<br>year anniversary (or 100,000 miles) and haven't yet failed the leakdown<br>test? How much will their cars depreciate overnight? And for those of us<br>thinking about purchasing such a car (and having to eventually replace the<br>engine), how much should we discount our offers by? By the way, for<br>discussion purposes, I checked Bavarian Engine Exchange's website and noted<br>that a replacement engine for the 1993-95 740s and 540s are $8,995, but no<br>core is needed. This is a complete rebuild and not just a short block.<br>However, labor and downtime also has to be factored in. Any thoughts on<br>his topic would be appreciated. TIA.<p>[Fast forward 2 hours. The digest just bounced back my post, so I thought<br>I'd add some more ruminations].<p>I just called Bavarian Engine Exchange and asked them about the 1993-1995<br>740 motors. The advisor told me that the rebuilt engines still have the<br>Nikasil sleeves. I thought I misunderstood what he said, but I hadn't.<br>Yes, you can buy a rebuilt engine for your faulty Nikasil engine and<br>get--guess what--ANOTHER Nikasil lined engine! Ouch. The advisor said<br>that if the Nikasil lining on the core was gone, then the engine was not<br>rebuilt. I suggested that he pass on to management that selling such<br>engines was not good practice. But, hey, I'm not the owner. Anyway . . .<p>I then called the local BMW dealership here in town and asked how much it<br>would cost to replace a Nikasil engine beyond the 6 year/100,000 mile<br>limit. "$5,322.74," the guy replied. That includes removal, rebuilding<br>the short block, and reinstallation. Well, maybe I just answered my own<br>question: one should discount the asking price of a 1993-1995 740/540,<br>which still has a Nikasil engine beyond 6 years/100,000 miles, by<br>$5,322.74. Any comments appreciated.<p>Bill Scanlan<br>1988 735 (5-speed and loving it) with 100,200 miles (Just turned over a few<br>days ago)<br>Perhaps a 1993-1995 740 in the future?<br>

02-22-2000, 01:42 PM
Thanks for the information! I will utilize this<br>when discussing with the mechanic about the diagnostic tests they are running. After reading<br>the article however, I am a little confused.<br>If the short block has been replaced, does that<br>guarantee a Nikasil lined engine (I would assume<br>that this would be a good thing) or per the article, is it bad to have the Nikasil lined engine. Help!<p>Thanks,<p>Brian<p><br></i>

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