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02-15-2000, 09:40 AM
Greetings<p>as the subject indicates I need a used oil cooler for my '88 735i. I was in the process of replacing the radiator and the heater core. Got all the parts in place and started the car to test the heater core before I put the interior back together. Ran it for about 20 sec, then shut it off due to squeel of a small leak at high pressure. The car was dumping oil out of the oil cooler. I probably damaged it replacing the radiator, but I don't know how I did it. <br>-or it is just bad karma. Anyway a new one is around $300 and this car isn't getting new right now. Too much cash involved in other on-going repairs to this same vehicle to afford the addition expense.<p>Question:<p>When I pulled the radiator and the oil cooler as a single unit, I found that it was sitting on 2 piece of black rubber trim about 12inches long, semi-circular in shape that look like they belong somewhere else. They have and edge to slip onto something. Any ideas? <br>Also does the radiator/oil cooler combo normal rest on something so that it does not contact the body of the car at the bottom?<p>Thanks for any information<p>Mike Matison

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