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Stephen R
02-21-2000, 11:05 AM
For Sale: 4 Yokohama AVS S+4 Z-rated tires, 225-60-15. Located in Philadelphia, PA. I paid $325+ for them, mail order. Hereís the scoop: They're practically new - I have only about 3,000 miles on them (just a bit feathered). Iíll sell for $200, firm - cheap for Z-rated premium ultra-performance tires, if you don't mind the noisy all-season tread (aftermarket exhaust would help!). Theyíve got me through the winter storms here with no problem - a good wet/dry all-around tire. If you want to buy them mounted and balanced, on BMW alloys, Iíll consider offers on that, too. I may deliver if within an hour or so of Philadelphia. Iím looking for one of the thick-web í88 735 alloy wheels, so if you have one, we can negotiate. In the Tire Rack survey the AVS S+4 rates well wet, dry, and especially in the snow (near the top there). They are however, near the bottom in terms of noise, along with the Comp T/A ZR4 (which is terrible in the wet), the Potenza RE95, and the Michelin XGT V4. Selling because I probably want to go to a quieter summer-only tire. E-mail me if interested:

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