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Paul F
02-23-2000, 04:25 PM
I had an alarming problem with my car a few days ago, I hope the cause might help someone. <br>After driving in stop/start traffic for 10miles or so I got onto open road. When I got to about 40mph the whole car started shaking violently, to the entent that I was sure something major was about to let go. I slowed down and managed to nurse the car to a dealer, every time I got to 30-30mph it would start to shake badly.<p>I was guessing the propshaft had partially failed but they called me later that morning and said that they could find anything seriously wrong except a badly worn center tie bar, despite driving it at high speed. I got them to replace it and for the next week, no problem.<p>Then I had the same problem again. Both times occured after I had been stuck in heavy traffic and having to use the brakes a lot. <p>Anyway, the problem turned out to be a sticking brake caliper. As the disk/pads got really hot the disk warped slightly. I am told this confuses the ABS on this cars so that although you are not on the brakes, the ABS is applying braking once per wheel revolution the the offending wheel. Hence the serious shaking. In free traffic, you don't use the brakes so no problem. When the dealer drove the car it had all cooled down, so no problem either.<p>Only problem was a big bill for two front calipers, disks and pads :-(<p>Paul<br>1989 735iSE 152k<p><br>

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