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Max Sessions
02-25-2000, 11:55 PM
Wonderful car. 105k Wife wants to stay home and we're looking for ways to cut expenses. New Yokohama VR's, CD-changer reconditioned by Pioneer 1 month ago. Very clean inside and out. Car has two known problems, electric mirror control and small coolant leak (probably heater core), low coolant indicator about once every thirty days. Would be very interested in doing a cash and trade for 86-88 535. Asking $14,000.

02-26-2000, 03:30 PM
Max, Sorry to see you selling your 750. I just bought a 90 model last week. I'm ahaving a problem with the CD changer. It loads the magazine alright, but won't read the CD. You hear a ratcheting noise coming from the middle of the unit, and it cycles twice before stopping.<p>Any Ideas? And what did you pay to have pioneer recondition your? Mine is a model CDX-M90zbm.<br>Thanks,<br>Bert<p></i>

Max Sessions
02-27-2000, 10:47 AM
Bert,<br>I had the local BMW dealer's parts department send it to the manufacturer for reconditioning. They quoted me $175 - 200 and when it came back I was charged a total of $168. I was very pleased, considering the alternatives. It performs great. Don't know the model number, just that mine's a Pioneer unit.<br>Max

02-27-2000, 02:36 PM
<br>: Any Ideas? And what did you pay to have pioneer recondition your? Mine is a model CDX-M90zbm.<br>: Thanks,<br>: Bert<p>Burt,<br>I took mine to the local authorized pioneer service center. It cost me $115 to have replaced two plastic gears. Works fine now.<br>Mo<br>

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