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02-26-2000, 12:24 AM
I know you guys are probably tired of hearing about my 90 735il but I have a serious question. I have experienced extreme inner tire wear. When I looked at the subframe today, it seemed bent at the point where the trailing arms attach to it on the side that was wearing. IF anybody has paid attention, does the point where the outer trailing arm bushing mounts on the drivers side tilt up a little or is it straight? If it does not tilt, has anybody ever had a subframe straightened before? Doesn't the dealer remove the subframe when they do the subframe bushings? What is the procedure for changing the subframe? My line of questioning leads to this. If it is bent, I want to see if I can get it straightened without removal. If I have to remove it, can I do it myself and just add new subframe bushings while it's out or on the replacement? If I can't do it and have to take it to the dealer, would the labor be more that just adding new subframe bushings? Help, I can't keep eating tires like they are Cheerios.<p>Isiah<br>90 735il<br>Hit 100,000 today

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