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03-04-2000, 03:09 AM
I'm putting together a group purchase of an 8.5mm Magnecor KV85 race wire set which, according to their application list, fits basically anything with an M30 engine. Price is $80. <br>(See link below...nice site with lots of info on wires in general and Magnecor wires in particular. 100% silicon jackets, etc., etc.)<p>E-mail me directly if interested: <p>set #6565<br>82-92 633CSi/635CSi/730i/732i/733i/735i/745i/L7<p>*footnote 5 on the site applications page says,<br>"...not supplied with inductive pickups that are used on late model engines(particularly, most engines with Motronic 1.3 system or higher.) <br>Please inquire if your engine has one."<br>(My guess is that they'll tell you to reuse the pickup if you have one.)<br>I'm checking on this.<p>*footnote 6 says that the 7mm wires " through the stock wire retainer easiest..." <br>However, only the 8.5mm and 10mm wires feature Magnecor's best technology. I'm going for the 8.5mm;<br> so I'm basically planning to ditch the stock retainer and, if the wires are too close to the exhaust manifold, use high-temp zip ties (from called "TuffTies" to retain them.<p>Den<br>'87 535is<br>Below is a recent posting from about these wires:<p>Re: 533i Ignition Wire Life Expectancy <br>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>(archive link:<br>Posted by Paul on February 10, 2000 at 21:50:09:<p>In Reply to: Re: 533i Ignition Wire Life Expectancy posted by MIKE on February 10, 2000 at 07:30:02:<p>(posted from: (<br>Hi Mike,<br>Igintion is very important in the BMW world - especially Motronic. I just upgraded to Magnacor 8.5MM race wires - LIFETIME warrenty!!!!<br>Strictly made for race car application. These will rival NOLOGY wires which Rocky Mountain Motor sports sells for $279.00 These will make your car run better - better response

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