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04-05-1999, 02:59 PM
whenever I want to defog my front windshield I turn on the little button in the climate control panel. It works wonders but is there any way the power can be lowerred to one maybe two clicks on the led display. For my 323 it only works on full power or off. Its annoying when you have lots of people in the car and the windows are fogging up and you have to turn on and off the deffogger constantly. Any suggestions.<br>thanx a lot

04-05-1999, 03:16 PM
That is the 'instant' defog button. You really only need to do that if you get in the car and it is fogged. If you are driving, and want to keep it defogged follow these instructions. If you keep the climate control on, and press the top directional button,(which is for winshield/windows) then you will be able to adjust your fan speed. This should keep your winshield defogged. I believe there are better instructions(than mine) for this on the video, and in the manual.

04-08-1999, 03:44 PM
What Gilbert writes is entirely true. To increase the effectiveness engage the air conditioner as well. It works on warm or cool air. The defrost button is for fast effect. For long term use the "normal" fan speeds directed on the windshield and side windows as Gilbert mentioned. Make sure that you do not have the air recirculation button engaged because it makes the process more difficult. Happy driving, DK!

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