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Mike W
04-06-1999, 05:16 PM
Was working on Y2K prices. MSRP for the 328Ci have been posted as $33990 & $34560. The diff (570) I assume is the destination charge. I know there is no markup in this & it is the same for all dealer locations. My question is WHY? I can remember shopping for new cars many many years ago and I thought there were slight differences from place to place. Now, however, you are stuck. After touring the Corvette plant (sorry) in Bowling Green they said you could take delivery at the Vette museum (after prep at the local dealer) but you still had to pay the usual freight charge!! Is this a Teamsters Union thing or what?<p>Same for all cars.<br>Any thoughts?

Mike S
04-07-1999, 06:54 PM
Car companies started averaging the delivery costs across the country to ensure no single dealer had an advantage over other dealers (in terms of pricing). I'm not sure when they started.

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