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04-07-1999, 07:55 PM
I will try to have pictures up (not hard) and open my website(nothing major) by this weekend. This is not a promise, it is a goal. I spent 1 1/2 hours washing the car, vaccuuming the interior and cleaning the rims/tires and then took some pictures, so the car will look nice and clean :-) It has been a blast in the week and a half I have owned it, I can't get over how many people look at it and how many try to race me(Got to watch out for the car during break in). It has almost 600 miles, and I love it dearly. The only complaint is that on Sunday on a trip to NH I noticed while traveling at around 85 mph on Route 95(relatively smooth for the most part) the car tendd to wander over the road, I think it is probably the steering problem I have heard of here. Yes, my car has the sport package (I noticed most cars with this problem were equipped this way).<p>Besides that one problem, the car has been perfect, just what I expect from a almost $33,000 car. I am very satisfied.<p>Just a little update, and I will try my best to have the pictures up soon!<p>DrBimmer

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