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Barry Aston
04-09-1999, 03:41 PM
I have been considering buying a 1999 BMW 328i sedan. <br>However, I have been reading things on other message<br>boards about poor reliability with bimmers - especially<br>the electrical system on the 3-Series. Does anyone have<br>any information?

04-09-1999, 04:57 PM

Barry Aston
04-11-1999, 12:47 PM
<i>: nt<p></i> I don't know what kind of electrical <br>problems. I need to go back to the Yahoo<br>BMW area to find out more specifics.

Barry Aston
04-11-1999, 01:38 PM
<i>: nt<p></i>I guess the quality issue was with the M3.<br>However

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