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04-09-1999, 05:17 PM
I'm getting very frustrated at US car magazines. It takes them at least 2 months to put together an article on any new model. By the time I see something in Car and Driver, I have probably seen it a month ago either on the web, in CAR or Top Gear from the UK, Auto Motor Und Sports from Germany, or Car Graphic from Japan. And keep in mind these magazines arrive at my local bookstore via surface mail and I live here on the west coast. I'd much rather spend $7.95 on an issue of CAR than $3.95 on C&D, not to mention they have much better photography. Why do they take so long???

Chris B.
04-10-1999, 01:22 PM
I still haven't gotten this month's issue!

04-10-1999, 09:30 PM
<i>: I still haven't gotten this month's issue!<p></i>

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