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V Patel
04-11-1999, 08:16 PM
Silver/gray leather. Sport package with 17" rims. Auto transmission. All praise, no complaints. Although I do have a question. About the ASC(something to do with stability) I've heard by other members on the board that you should not leave it on, but the dealer told me I should in case the car loses control. What's the general consensus and does leaving it on have any effects on performance? Thanks<p>Viraj Patel<br>

04-11-1999, 09:40 PM
My dealer too, was adamant about leaving it on. Now that my break-in is over, I usually turn it off once the car warms up. (I don't do any quick driving until car is properly warmed.) It is supposed to keep your wheels from spinning, by either reducing throttle, or applying the brakes. The ASC(traction control) will affect performance. (but so does an automatic transmission.) I guess it depends on how you drive your car.

04-12-1999, 07:23 AM
My opinion -- unless you are driving real hard intentionally you should leave it on as a safety precaution. As I understand it, the ASC will only activate when hitting a corner too hot. If you are not doing this intentionally, why would you not want the technology to assist you in bring it in line? In any event, the dashboard light will flash when the ASC is called upon, so you can judge by your driving habits whether it is a help or a hinderence.<p>Dan

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