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04-12-1999, 04:48 AM
I noticed that my local dealer has added a Dealer Market Adjustment of several thousand dollars to their BMW's. Maybe I dreamed this up, but I thought that BMW prohibits their dealers from adding additional dealer markups to their cars? Anyone know the truth?<p>Steve

04-12-1999, 12:35 PM
Steve,<p>Take your business somewhere else. You should be able to negotiate at least a 5-8% discount off the MSRP sticker .... and don't forget that the dealer is still getting another 2% back from BMW on each sale as well.

Rick Houston
04-12-1999, 06:05 PM
Steve, I'm a little shocked (but not surprised) at someone doing that. I just spoke to my manager and said that BMW strongly encourages their dealers not to do the "additional dealer markup" thing, but it is implied only, and not legally mandated.<br>Where do you live? And what is their pricing over MSRP? If you ask me, I really think that's poor business. Reminds me of when I went to go look at one of the new vw beetles some time back. They acted like it was a privilage to buy it--and that's just stupid in this day and age.<br>Take care,<br>Rick

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