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04-12-1999, 01:25 PM
I'm getting outrageous quotes for the 328i because of my poor driving record. I'm 28, single with 3 tickets in the last 3 years. I've tried the big companies like Progressive, Allstate, GEICO, Nationwide... but the best I could get was $3000/year.<br>Does anybody know where I could get better rates?<br>

04-12-1999, 03:09 PM
Have you tried State Farm? I have a couple tickets, am 32 yrs. old, and have been insured with them for 13 yrs (this gives me 20% right off the top). Still, my rate is only $850/year with 100/250 ded's, 300/100 liability, etc. in FLORIDA (not a cheap state for car ins.)

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