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Scott Wilson
09-07-2001, 01:08 PM
I replaced front struts and control arm bushing and strut arm bushings on my '88 several months ago. I have the Bentley and followed the directions as well as I could. The right front went back togather like a dream, the left front was more of a nightmare. It seemed to be in a bind, the bottom strut mount was not square and flat with the strut. I continued mounting the thing but did not have a good feeling about the job. When I put the tyre on it was apparent I had done something wrong. The tyre was wanting to go left when the other tyres were going straight. I pulled the strut again and compressed the spring again and re-did the spring because it wasn't in the strut proper. I assembled again and this time it went togather nearly as easy as the right side and I felt warm and fuzzy about it being right. Something still isn't right though because it makes a binding/rattling kind of sound over bumps. Again I pulled the strut and called "mechanic to go" here in Charlotte, NC. He suggested i go to an alignment shop. When I put the strut beck in I saw movement of the pitman arm. It was moving on the spline axis. I crudely attempted to tighten the pinch bolt to no avail and drive down to the alignment shop. They said I either needed a pitman arm or the drive gear the job would be expen$ive because he has to remove the lower chassis mount. I said give me the car back. I put the car on ramps and removed the pinch bolt nut and added a washer and was able to secure the pitman arm to the spline shaft with no problem. The car still makes a binding/unbinding rattle when I hit bumps. It sounds about like 2 shooter sized marbles in a 1 pound coffee can. The LF tyre is still somewhat out of align, acording to my 2x4 method of driveway alignment. Could the car just need a good alignment at this point? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. <p>Scott WIlson<br>88 BMW 735i<br>90 BMW 735iL POS<br>

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