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Rich 1990 750iL
09-08-2001, 07:23 PM
Well, I took out the seat backs, the center armrest, and the rear deck. The recoil mechanism for the sunscreen was uncooperative, plus I'm not really sure how the sunscreen is installed in the the rear deck anyway. Since I'm sure a new one would be a joke ($$) to replace, I just tediously rolled it back up. The rear deck went back in easily.<p>I then had to re-install the seat backs. That's when I ran out of light. I got the passenger side seat back in, but the middle safety belt won't pull out. You slide a bolt though a bracket which holds the center seat belt, and a bracket that hold the passenger seat belt. The bolt then screws into the car body. Is that the right order?<p>Tried for about 20 minutes to get the seat bottom in to no avail. The lack of light and the mosquitoes didn't help. Couldn't get the two rods in and at the same time line up the two connector at the base of the seat. Does anyone have a trick to this?

Bridge 1990 735iL
09-08-2001, 08:59 PM
Gettting the damn seats back in is the most aggrivating thing i have had to do to my car. Even replacing the head gasket was simpler and less time-consuming that those f***ing seats. It seems to help if you first get the seat actually lined up in the little metal tracks that you can barely see underneath it, then worry about getting the rods to line up. I feel your pain...keep a lot of beer handy.

Scott 89 735iL
09-09-2001, 12:05 AM
I actually had better luck getting the rods in first then getting the rails in the proper location. I pulled the seat back out on the bottom about 6-8" (the seat backs swivel from the top) and was able to get the rods in place through the metal holes in the back of the seat back. Then keeping the seat bottom snug against the seat back I could lower the seat bottom rails into place. It is a little harder to see the rail slots on the passenger side because of the battery.<p>Good Luck!<p>Scott Warnock

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