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Bill Mitchell
12-19-1998, 05:55 PM
While driving on the interstate recently, my brake warning light came on(95 540i/6). I did not touch the brakes, had the cruise set, and it chimed and came on. It's been on ever since. I pulled the L.F. and R.R. wheels to check the pad indicators. They were intact. In fact, the front has been taped to the strut since I put larger calipers and rotors on early this year, and the rear was O.K. I've since unplugged both sensors at the harness plug behind the calipers, and the light still shines brightly. The most irksome thing is I can't access the computer "scrolling" feature on the instrument cluster while this is illuminated. I know from Brett Anderson that the light is supposed to come on when the circuit is completed, but with them unplugged is is definitely not complete. Anybody had a similar problem?

12-20-1998, 10:17 PM
If you unplugged the sensor try this:<br>to complete the circuit use a small piece of wire<br>and short both pins in the harness plug. dont forget to do front and rear. That way the circuit is complete. If it work and you dont need the brake warning feature anymore use the other end of the harness (the one wirth the brake sensor)cut the wires a couple inches from the harness and solder both wire together,insulate the solder and somehow secure the harness out of the way. if you ever want to bring the system back to original condition buy new sensors and install them. Before doing all this you could check for continuity in the indicators, those little wires tend to break after a while.<p>rgds

Bill Mitchell
12-21-1998, 01:38 PM
I but a paper clip on the front harness while the rear was still connected, but the light did not go out. I've ordered two new wiring harnesses with the sensor to replace the existing ones to see if this helps.s

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