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Dana Earl
12-24-1998, 09:19 AM
Need to remove heater core to find leak. Understand <br>that glove box and console need to be removed. Any <br>tricks/tips??<p>Dana Earl<br>89 535i

Phil Coppin
12-24-1998, 10:16 AM
Best tip of all...<br>Buy a Bentley! (Manual that is!!!)<br>Along with a JC chip one of the two best Xmas presents for E34 owners!!!<p>Ho! Ho! Ho!<br>M3RRY CHRISTM5S TO ALL<p>Phil C<br>95 525i 5spd. Sharked

12-24-1998, 06:33 PM
Have fun with that one lol! You should be able to change the heater core by taking the console, glove box, and drivers knee bolster out. Be careful removing the cover for the heater core, don't break any of the plastic levers. If you do you will be pulling the dash and whole heater box to fix them.<br>Be prepared for an all day job with this project.<br>SLC1230

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