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David Grant
12-28-1998, 08:22 PM
I have BMW chrome wheels on my 89 535i that are leaking air on the side, or "bead," where the wheel and the tire meet, according to the tire shop. They said that on chrome wheels the chrome will corrode inside or rust and then you're screwed. The only thing you can do is try to clean it up and hope for the best, send the wheels off to get "re-chromed," or buy new wheels. Has anybody had this experience? Are alloy wheels better than chrome in this regard?

Phil Coppin
12-30-1998, 10:19 AM
<i>Leakage is common on older alloy wheels, especially when used in "road salt" climates. Alloys can be somewhat porous anyway but good tire shops will clean the bead and, if its not too corroded, will put sealant around the tire/bead.<br>This doesn't always work and you will get very slow leaks. To save yourself some dough you could buy a 12volt air pump and check your pressures weekly.<p>Phil C.<br>95 525i 5spd. Sharked<p></i>

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