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12-29-1998, 03:39 AM
I just recieved a copy of the Inspection II service CHECK list from my local BMW dealer. All I see is CHECK this and CHECK that, all for JUST $500 to $650 Parts & Labor + Tax!!! What the hell, do they perform any work at all? I dont know about anyone else but I sure dont like the felling of being ROBBED!!! Can I please get some opinons on this matter?<br>>Anyway, after reviewing the list and I felt that I can perform alot of the work myself but there are some areas that I have questions about and I hope that I can get some advise from the experts.<br>1)Flush the Cooling System/Replace Antifreeze-> What is the best way to do this? What type/brand of antifreeze should I use?<br>2)Replace Brake Fluid-> What type/brand should I use?<br>3)Adjust Valves-> Can I do this myself? <br>4)Check & Service Oxygen Sensor-> Can I install this myself? What will I need to do the job? <br>5)Check Propeller Shaft,Axles and Axle Boots-> What do they mean by this? Can I perform this task and be able to make any necessary corrections?<br>6)Check all Hoses and Belts-> Which hoses/belts should I replace? Should I replace them all?<br>7)Install BG Fuel & Emission System Service Kit-> What the hell is this? Im not sure if my car has ever recieved this? Cant I just add Techron a few times or can I install this myself?<br>8)Inspect Fuel Induction System/Flush as needed-> Wouldn't this be the same as #7?<br>9)Complete Lubrication/All Hinges-> Can I do this myself? What are the locations they are referring to? What type of grease?<br>>I thank you very much and will deeply appreciate any information and knowledge passed on.

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