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01-01-1999, 11:30 AM
Cruise control operates once in a while. When it does work it seems to work ok except every once in while it will surge, ie: almost like you took your foot off the gas pedal and then stepped on it again. Then it will be fine. The next time I drive the car it will not work at all. I have had one dealer say it would be the acctuator and another say it would be the cruise control modual. A previous post off this board thought it may be the sensor at the differential, although i have had no problems with my speedometer acting up. I have already replaced the brake light switch.<p>Any other thoughts out there on what it could be. Are there typical problems with these cruise control units?<p>Thanks for any replys.

Joe Mazza
01-03-1999, 10:31 AM
The surging you mention happens to me too, but almost always at low outside temperatures (at or below 23 degrees F). <p>At one point a few years ago it got to really bad and the speedometer and cruise finally both quit. Corroded speedometer wire connectors under the car were the culprit, caused presumably by salted winter roads. The dealer admitted, though, that in checking out the speedo after the repair the speedo worked, but they still got one quick blip in the signal that they couldn't explain or fix.<p>They asked me to try it out and see how it worked. <p>Well, the speeedo works just fine, but the surging still happens occasionally, probably caused by a blip in the signal too quick to show up on the guage.<p>I've learned to live with it since it happens so infrequently.<p>Cheers,<p>Joe<br>'90 535i(M) 185,771 miles and still going strong...

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