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01-04-1999, 11:55 AM
Happy New Year folks,<p>It's time for my very first Inspection II on my '91 535i and I had a few basic questions.<p>1. Bentley says the final drive uses a "Special BMW Oil". What should I use? Don't know yet whether I have a limited slip diff. or not but I will verify the plate before proceeding.<p>2. When performing a valve adjustment, are there certain other things I should do while I'm at it? What new parts other than the valve cover gasket will I need? Any basic tips on this procedure or it is as straightforward as Bentley makes it out to be? Seems a bent wire is needed for the adjuster; does an Allan wrench work? I plan on replacing the spark plugs too.<p>3. I plan on using Redline MTL in the gearbox. Opinions? Also, does anyone know offhand what size Allan wrenches are required for the gearbox and final drive drain plugs?<p>4. Fuel filter replacement - does a ton of fuel come spewing out when the clamps are released? Manual says clamps should be replaced; dealer says buy plain worm type clamps - suggestions?<p>5. Lastly, what's the best place to buy the needed parts?<p>Thanks in advance,<br>Adnan

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