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01-06-1999, 04:02 PM
my 535i just turned 100,000 miles, always been using regular grade oil<br>is switching to synthetic better for my car now?<br>one mechanic told me that by starting synthetic now, i might have some gasket leak problem due to their viscosity. is that true? any advises?

Phil Coppin
01-06-1999, 04:41 PM
Not so much the viscosity that causes leaks, rather that the increased detergent action of synth can remove dino gunk built up over miles around seals and, should there be a problem with that particular seal, you may get a leak. Personally, I believe it is never too late and, especially if you live in a climate of extremes such as Chicago (where I live), synthetic gives you much better extreme temp coverage. When it was -22 yesterday morning our Audi fired up with immediate oil circulation due to the low pour temps of synth oil. I had seen the Mobil1 commercials so, just for my own edification, I opened a bottle of Mobil1 10w40 synth and a similar 10w40 Mobil dino - only the synth poured!!<br>Backed up every argument I ever heard or had about the stuff!!!<p>Phil C.<br>95 525i 5spd. Sharked<br>96 A4q 2.8 untouched (its the wifes!)<br>

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