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01-10-1999, 09:15 PM
Need help. The amplifier in my '95 540i has to warm-up before it will work. We've had some 25 degree mornings and it can take 10 mins. to come on. In the afternoon when it's warm it may only take 10 secs. Either way it shouldn't have any hesitation at all. The car has 112,000 miles so it's out of warranty. I prefer to have my cd player in the dash so I've had an Alpine unit put in and this didn't help. Everybody that gets into the car remarks how good it sounds once the amp warms up. A freind sells Jags and the other day he told me my stereo blows away the top of the line Harmon Kardon in the new Jags. Has anybody had a similar problem? The dealer has an amp for $500. Greg

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