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01-15-1999, 02:31 PM
I will be changing the water pump and thermostat when I flush and change my coolant this weekend. I will be using BMW coolant and changing a few hoses.<p>The water pump gasket is a thin paper gasket. I am inclinded to use Permatex #2 on the gasket surfaces as this is a thin paper gasket. Does anyone have a recommendation as to what (Permatex) if anything to use with this water pump gasket?<p>All comments are welcome.

01-16-1999, 05:01 PM
We generally use "Hy-Tack Adhesive Gasket Spray" which I believe is made by Permatex Corp. Basically you just spray the side of the gasket that will fit on the pump NOT the engine side and wait till the stuff gets tacky then put the treated gasket onto the pump and install with hopefully new bolts and spring washers. If not new bolts then try to get new 6mm spring washers for a more lasting repair{the thin washers crack and fall off if they're reused too much} Make sure to correctly bled the air out by using the 8mm bled screw at the top off the thermostat housing with the engine off first or it may get air trapped in the coolant system and overheat or run hot once you get it running. Also don't overtighten the fan clutch nut{32mm left hand threads} or the next time you want to remove it you'll find that it takes 2 people even with the special pulley holding tool and correct fan wrench to remove it.

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